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lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Plato-Atlantis-Discovery News-Scientific-Atlantida

Atlantis-Jaen-Andalusia-Dossier The old Jaén, a prehistoric city of Andalusia similar to the Atlantis of Plato..

The Archaeological Zone of Marroquíes Bajos occupies an approximated extension of 40 hectares that agrees with several sectors of the General Plan of programmed Urban Arrangement like zone of construction of houses. When they began the first earthworks for the construction were shown part of the human occupation that that zone had contained from III the millenium before the Christian era to centuries XII and XIII and the relation that this zone had to have with which traditionally it had considered origin and development of the oldest city around the Hill of Santa Catherine and her slopes, which we identified with the Ibero-Roman and medieval city.

The undertaken works of urban Archaeology in this zone from February of 1995 to the present time have allowed to document the existence of diverse cultural phases. Of them, the most well-known phase by its extension and number of constructions are the pertaining one to the Copper Age (III millenium before ours was). Houses excavated on the rock or cabins have studied and others constructed with to socles of stone and posts, of wood, that they serve as support to ceilings of vegetal matter, silos or places for storage, spaces possibly dedicated to the metallurgy (with which it implies of the human dominion on the production of tools and the transformation of minerals), structures of defensive type, pits and walls, also collective graves similar to the documented ones in 1950 during works of the Church of Christ King in the zone of High Marroquíes Bajos; these are located to the East, in one of the most extreme zones of the town. The boundary of this town not yet is definitive, at the present time the limits of the same one are in the lines of fortifications and boundary of walls and pits.

Five pits developed in concentric circles with sometimes perpendicular lines of wall have been located to the pits that apparently a enough defensive system guarantees surely; in other cases they are reinforcing the inner part of the pit. The Copper Age or Chalcolithic is an important time in Prehistory, because after the neolithic revolution it begins to appear the metallurgy, the social complexity, the human control of the territory and the demographic expansion in the Iberian Peninsula. Concretely the Copper Age in Jaén represents the consolidation of the agrarian economy and the emergency of a territorial system, articulated by important centers like Marroquíes Bajos in Jaén or the Alcores in Porcuna.

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